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General Health

EBSCO consumer health complete

AARP: Health and Wellness
Excellent information about aging well and staying fit, health insurance, Medicare, and care giving.

ATOM Alliance Cardiac Health Informaiton
Did YOU know that heart disease and stroke are the first and fourth leading causes of death nationally for all Americans? We’re all at risk for a heart attack or stroke. However, African Americans and older individuals are at higher risk than others. Several factors contribute to heart disease. To learn more about how to reduce your and your family’s risk of heart disease and stroke please follow the above link.
Searchable medical guide to self-care, family health facts and handouts, drug information including a herbal and alternative remedies section. Includes Spanish translation.
Health Topics A to Z
An alphabetical list of disease and health topics from the Center for Disease Control. This is a works in progress.
An attractive user-friendly site, divided into news, hot topics, tools (libraries, dictionaries...) 
A searchable guide with sections on men's, women's, and seniors' health and an Ask the Doc feature. Harvard Medical School's Consumer Health Information.
Kids' Health
Information for parents and kids with a separate section for teens. Maintained by the Nemours Foundation.
Mayo Clinic Health Oasis
An alphabetical listing of medical conditions, drug and firs-aid information, answers from Mayo specialists, and a section on Taking Charge of Your Health.
Medline Plus
This very comprehensive site covers medical conditions, drug information, medical dictionaries and encyclopedias, and doctor and hospital finders.
Health Topics A-Z
From the National Institutes for Health
National Library of Medicine FAQ
Help for finding the health related information you need.
Personal Guide to Prescription Drugs
From AARP.
Prescription Drug Reference
A PDR guide from a trustworthy medical publisher with a searchable and alphabetical subject guide to medications and the their purposes,
side effects, interactions with other drugs and foods, the recommended dosages, and the results of an overdose.

Diseases and conditions, health topics A-Z, Ask an Expert, and more.

Mental Health - General

National Alliance for the Mentally Ill
This advocacy and support group's site is one of the best sources of easy-to-understand information on a wide variety of mental illness. the site also allows participants to enter into discussion groups. (Note that on the NAMI site, the term "consumers" may refer to those suffering from mental illness.)
National Institute of Mental Health
This is a "for the public" listing of the National Institute of Mental Health's extensive information on specific illnesses. For each disorder listed, there is a brochure containing general facts, symptoms, causes, medications, and how to find help, available both on-screen and in PDF format.
Substance Abuse and Mental Services Administration
This site is a gateway into the government's Substance and Mental Health Services Administration's list of mental health facilities in the state of Kentucky. The list includes both inpatient and outpatient services for adults and children and can be searched by city and/or by type of facility.

Help Starts Here

The website for the National Association of Social Workers, with information on what social workers can assist with and how to find a social worker, as well as information on becoming a social worker.

Mental Health - By Topic

National Eating Disorders Association

This non-profit organization provides education, resources and support to those affected by eating disorders and their families.

Anxiety Disorders Association of America
This user-friendly site for adults and children contains information about the many different types of anxiety disorders and advises sufferers how to help themselves and how to find help. The site also features a message board and a newsletter.
Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance
This site is sponsored by the Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance. It provides good information in clear language as well as help with finding a professional. The location of local support groups is given, and the site supports on-line chat rooms. An online screening test is available.
On-Line Depression Screening
Sponsored by the National mental Health Association, this site contains a good quick, on-line depression screen that is not meant to replace a visit to a psychiatrist. Besides providing information, the site also has a long list of links to Mental health sites. Personal stories about depression are also included.
Bipolor Disorder (Manic Depression)

The Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance site as listed above. An online screen test is available for manic depression.

Mental Health - Support Groups

Narcotics Anonymous

Alcoholics Anonymous

Overeaters Anonymous

Gamblers Anonymous

Anorexics and Bulimics Anonymous


Co-Dependents Anonymous
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