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History Resources

African Americans

African American Studies Research Guide
A guide to research from Yale University.
Africans in America
"America's journey through slavery is presented in four parts, each with a historical narrative."
African Slave Narratives
Interviews with over 2300 former slaves.  The interviews took place from 1936-1938 as a project of the Works Progress Administration.
Citizen King
Companion site to a PBS American Experience Program.  Explores the last five years of King's life.
Encyclopaedia Britannica Guide to Black History
A good timeline with related Internet links and a study guide.
Primary and Secondary Sources for African American History
From the University of Washington.
Kentucky Underground Railroad
From a Kentucky Educational Television special program.
Martin Luther King, Jr :Day of Service
From the corporation for National and Community Service.
The Slave Trade
Slave accounts, slave life, how the slave system worked, individuals involved in the anti slave society.
Resources for Teachers

Scholastic Teacher-African American Heritage
Lesson plans and activities by grade level.
The Black Plague

The Black Death: Bubonic Plague
Good background information with additional links.
Black Plague
The effects of the plague on all aspects of life.
Eyewitness: The Black Death, 1348
Translated from an eyewitness account by Italian writer Giovanni Boccaccio.
Plague and Public Health in Renaissance Europe
Information documenting the arrival, impact, and results of the plagues in western Europe between 1348 and 1500.
U.S. Presidents and First Ladies

American Presidents: Life Portraits

First Ladies' Gallery


National Inventors Hall of Fame

From the Nation Inventors Hall of Fame Foundation, this website allows users to search the database by inventor's name, by invention, or by invention decade.

Inventor of the Week Archive

From the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Inventor Biographies at The Great Idea Finder

This section of the Great Idea Finder website not only hosts profiles of inventors, but provides bibliographies to assist in finding more information in books and online.

Native Americans

PBS's Lewis and Clark : Native Americans

A page from the website for the PBS series Lewis and Clark, this provides information on some of the Native American tribes encountered by the Corps of Discovery in their travels.

Native Culture Links

Compiled by a former librarian, this site provides links to internet sites about specific Indian nations. 

Native American Genealogy

This genealogy site provides information about individual tribes as well as a list of which tribes were found in which states/regions.
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