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Area Newspapers

Kentucky Standard Online

Local newspaper online - sports, weather, obituaries, want ads, news, and more.
Louisville Courier- Journal

National/World Newspapers

The Charleston Gazette

Christian Science Monitor
Up-to-date national and international news coverage plus searchable archives back to 1980.
Covers news from a European perspective in a choice of seven languages.
Hometown News
Direct links to more than 2600 daily and weekly U.S. newspapers.
New York Times
It's all here with different choices for the front page - Headlines with links to articles, summary with links to articles, an image of the front page. Late news update is available on weekdays after 1 p.m. Also a special technology not found in the print edition
Provides links to "18,000 newspapers, magazines, broadcasters and news services worldwide."
The Pocahontas Times

USA Today
Complete text with an index and search engine. Continuously updated.
Virtual Newspaper
Newspapers by state and world.
The online version attempts to appeal to a wider audience than those who live in DC.
USA Weekend Online
Online version of a magazine insert included in many major newspapers.
Media News

Newsy compiles news coverage on different topics from print, online and television sources in order to eliminate bias.


National and local news plus links to shows and stars and Market an Health Watch
CNN Interactive
CNN news on the net. Updated often.
CNNfn: The Financial Network
Top stories, breaking news, and stock quotes from the New York Stock Exchange, NASDAQ, currency and commodity markets, and international exchanges.
Live online programs in RealAudio and RealVideo, balanced views of government and public policy programs.
Drudge Report
Contains links to news services and columnists plus Matt Drudge's own summary of news making events from politics to world news to Hollywood.
First Things First
Choose your wire and/or news service plus weather, sports, tv, and more.
News headlines by metropolitan area, state, country, and industry. Covers health, education, technology, travel and more.
Live news covering world, national, and local news including sports, weather, business, technology, and travel. From NBC and Microsoft.
NPR Online: National Public Radio
You can read or listen when you click on this website.
PBS Online Newshour
Public Broadcasting's Newshour on the web. Updated throughout the day.
Reuters Newswires
Worldwide daily and business news.
Today Show

Google News
Select a headline, and get links to the articles written about it by various news outlets.  
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