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Library Staff

Library Director-Sharon Shanks
Assistant Director-Adult Programming and Circulation-Carol Elliott
Assistant Director - Technical Services-Michael Greenwell
Bookkeeping-Shannon Newton
Public Information Coordinator-Tara Filiatreau
Reference Librarian
- Holly Lawrence
YA Services-David Jenkins
Interlibrary Loan-Anne Gilkey
Children's Librarian-Stephanie King
Children's Programming-Rachael Harris
Head Genealogist-Ellen Smith
Genealogy/Circulation-Anne Hurst
Technical Services-Shirley Harrell
Technical Services-Teri Anderson
Technical Services-Shirley Parrish
Circulation and Children's Circulation-Lisa Moore
Circulation and Children's Circulation-Demitria Jenkins
Collection Development and Circulation-Carrie McDonald
Circulation and Receiving/Facilities-Jack Burke
Circulation-Dominique Copeland
Circulation/YA Collection Development-Pamela DiTursi
Circulation-Eunicka Connor
Circulation-Leighanna Voigt
Circulation-Connie McDonald
Facilities and Delivery-Larry Dones
Bookmobile Librarian-Eileen Peterson
Bookmobile and Circulation-Pam Culver
Technology Coordinator-Randell Hazel
Bloomfield Branch Manager-Rhonda Olliges
Bloomfield Circulation-Glenda Owens
Bloomfield Youth Services-Christy Jones
Bloomfield Circulation / Programs-Sally Long
New Haven Branch Manager-Catherine Williams
New Haven Adult Programming-Laci Scarpa
New Haven Circulation-Wanda Howard
New Haven Circulation-Kelli Ditto
New Haven Youth Services-Alison Davis
Nelson County Public Library

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