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Wireless Access and Laptop Checkout

For instructions on how to connect your laptop to the library's wireless internet or printing to the library's wireless printer, click here.

Wireless access

Wireless internet access (Wi-Fi) is available at all Library locations.

The Library’s wireless network is an open network, and therefore not a secure network. Information sent to or from a wireless device can be intercepted by anyone else with a wireless device and appropriate software, within the range of the Library’s wireless access point. The Library also cannot guarantee the safety of computer communication across its wireless network. The Nelson County Public Library assumes no responsibility for the configurations, security or files on a patron’s laptop or wireless device resulting from connecting to the library’s network.

Laptop Check out Policy
The Library owns four laptops which are available for check out in two-hour increments. These laptops are Windows 7 Ultimate machines, with Office 2010 Professional, a resume builder, and GIMP installed. The primary purpose of library laptop access is for computer projects that may take longer than the usual one- hour limit. This includes research, typing papers, resumes, etc. Laptops may be used for short-term use if all of the desktop computers are occupied with a waiting time more than 30 minutes. Library customers must be 18 or older AND have a library account in good standing (no fines or overdue materials) in order to check out a laptop. 

Patrons must present their library card AND a valid photo ID in order to check out laptops. Patrons must leave their valid photo ID with the front desk staff, who will return the ID when the laptop is returned.  The equipment may NOT be removed from the building.

Customers using their personal computer equipment with Library wireless service are required to observe the computer use policies.
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